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If we try, you and i

@lizmatth: YES!!! Florence and Harry

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i was going to write an obligatory “where’s zayn?” caption (one of the fandom’s inside jokes) when i realized zayn actually IS in this photo. 

zayn manages to not be in a photo he’s actually in. that’s some next level fucking ninja shit. 

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i could go into the kitchen and make soup right now. i could chop up a whole onion and put it in there and nobody could stop me. i could put cereal in it. i could dump the whole bowl onto the floor and roll around in it naked while barbie girl plays and then order ten of those 7 foot long gummy snakes online and nobody could do a goddamned thing. being an adult is terrifying

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The sexual tension between Ted and Archie at the nintendogs competitions


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Anonymous asked;
"This might be stupid but what does Never claim Gucci as you mean? I missed something and now everyone's ahead of me and I'm left out in the cold."


"Don’t ever claim Gucci as you" is a thing Zayn Malik said a couple years ago. In context, during an interview, Louis Tomlinson was trying to say that GUCCI by Gucci was his cologne of choice, but as we all know, GUCCI by Gucci is of course Zayn’s signature scent. In order to establish his domination over being the ultimate GUCCI by Gucci wearer, Zayn spoke the now infamous incantation, "DON’T EVER CLAIM GUCCI AS YOU." Louis emitted an earth-shattering cry from his cavernous hellmouth. His skin turned inside out and shed itself from his skeleton and it pooled on the ground. His true form was revealed: he was a dracula this entire time. He knew he was defeated and he flew through the window in fright and despair. Shards of glass flew everywhere, stabbing out the eyes of ONE DIRECTION. But not Zayn’s, for his eyes were protected by his powerful aura of Gucci musk. GUCCI by Gucci was claimed once again for the Malik Bloodline. 

"Don’t ever claim Gucci as you" is a lifestyle. "Don’t ever claim Gucci as you" is a choice. "Don’t ever claim Gucci as you" is a fundamental right and an earned privilege. ”Don’t ever claim Gucci as you” is your OUTLOOK EXPRESS email signature. “Don’t ever claim Gucci as you” is how you answer your phone. “Don’t ever claim Gucci as you” is every answer to every test or job interview question. “Don’t ever claim Gucci as you” is what the dots and the freckles on your cheeks spell out when they’re joined up. It means CONFIDENCE and ESTEEM WITHIN YOURSELF. It means you can walk down the street and know who you are. It means nobody can snatch your essence off you. It means you’re the most and beyond and everyone around you is a trash can into which you vomit all the world’s bullshit. It means you’re a fucking bomb ass bad bitch with the attitude of a glamorous deadly cloud. It means your guts are as beautiful as your face. You’re it. You are GUCCI by Gucci. You are Gucci. You’re you. Nobody else will ever be Gucci. Don’t ever claim Gucci as you. 


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not even burberry harry can beat burberry harry

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what’s the difference between a piano, a tuna, and a pot of glue?

you can tuna piano, but you can’t piano a tuna

What does glue have to do with this

i knew you’d get stuck there

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Eleanor Calder 10 day challenge ; 9/10.

Favorite Eleanor's tweet. x

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Masterchef Web Exclusive: SONday FUNday: Like Father, Like Son. [x]

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niall’s face is on yahoo 



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why are demi lovato fans called lovatics when they could be called demigods 

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Niall ¯\_(ツ)_/¯ Horan

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